Swimming Pool Pumps

Every swimming pool needs a good swimming pool pump & probably even more importantly a good, clean swimming pool filter or also known as a sand filter.

One of the secrets to achieving good looking, crystal clear, healthy swimming pool water lies in installing & maintaining, the correct size of swimming pool pump & swimming pool filter.

Swimming Pool Water Circulation & Filtration

Your swimming pool water needs to circulate properly, in order to filter out pollutants & debris.This is done so via a swimming pool pump which feeds the swimming pool water through a sand filter at a specific flow rate to remove fine dust particle & organic pollutants from the pool water. 

Obviously, if this sand filter is dirty or clogged it will not function properly. The swimming pool water will either return to the pool dirty,or in the case of a clogged swimming pool filter may cause damage to the pool pump. For this reason it is incredibly important to backwash & rinse your swimming pool filter or sand filter at least once a week to remove all dirt & contaminants.

Furthermore, the sand in the pool filter should be changed every 1 - 2 years (depending on your swimming pool) for optimum results & of course health reasons.

Pool Pump Problems

If you have any problems with your pool pump let us know as we offer pool pump repairs too. Is your pool pump making a loud or odd noise? Not sucking water? Not turning on at all? Is it running but very hot? Please don't hesitate to call us as one of our specialties is fault finding & pool pump repairs.

Make sure that your pump repair is carried out by a professional.

Contact us for any queries.